Paris is indeed a temple

Paris is indeed a temple, the doors of which are always open to anyone who is receptive to beauty, civilized values and delight of the senses. Experience the richness of its art, history, culture, architecture, cuisine and history, and most people are hooked for life.

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Ten times a year PARIS NOTES delivers eight pages of inside information that you won’t find anywhere else. With PARIS NOTES, you’ll stay connected and in the know. And when you’re lucky enough to make a visit, you’ll arrive with insight you wouldn’t have otherwise: literally hundreds of things to do and see, and places to eat and sleep.

With PARIS NOTES, you’ll receive valuable information that most visitors never know about.

Guidebooks are certainly helpful, but they are often out of date by the time they hit the bookstores. PARIS NOTES is a living guide, giving you current, up-to-date coverage of this constantly changing city. To some, a historic city like Paris might seem as if it never changes, but PARIS NOTES readers know what I know: Paris is a vibrant and ever evolving modern city that is not only keeping up with our fast-paced world but setting international trends in fashion, architecture, cuisine, cinema, art, design and luxury goods, to name a few. We cover it all in PARIS NOTES.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just a Paris romantic, with PARIS NOTES you”ll get to know Paris in ways you never imagined.

To everyone who has experienced Paris—as well as those who have only dreamed about it— the city is a different place. You undoubtedly have your own Paris, whether it is based on many visits or the image that countless pictures and movies have instilled in your mind over the years. As Hemingway once wrote, „…the memory of each person who has lived it differs from that of any other.” With PARIS NOTES, your Paris will become a richer, more exciting and endlessly fascinating place.

That’s because PARIS NOTES is so much more than a travel newsletter.

PARIS NOTES seeks—and succeeds beautifully according to our thousands of readers—to be much more than just a travel guide: it’s your connection to the enduring spirit and the special „feeling” of the city. It’s simply the best way of staying in touch, a wonderful „dose” of Paris ten times a year.

PARIS NOTES is an unpretentious publication, elegantly designed and smartly written to capture the „real” Paris—resplendent with understated character and classic beauty—the Paris that is only revealed to those willing to explore beyond the pages of today’s cookie-cutter guidebooks. For many, Paris is a lifelong adventure, one that PARIS NOTES will help you fulfill.

„Paris is a veritable ocean. Throw in the plumb line and you will never know the depth.” —Balzac, Père Goriot

PARIS NOTES is a vital and highly respected publication with key press contacts in every corner of the city. Our monthly contributors are passionate, experienced writers, most of whom live in the city, feel its pulse and walk its streets every day. Many are authors of books and noted experts in their fields. Their pleasure is sharing with you their most „inside” information.

Imagine having a personal guide to Paris…a faithful friend eager to help you discover all the city has to offer.

Each issue contains five fascinating features of varying length, several restaurant visits, dozens of fascinating “tidbits” and a complete calendar of everything in town that’s worth seeing or knowing about.

„To know Paris is to know a great deal.” —Henry Miller

And, now, PARIS NOTES is a better deal than ever: we’ve extended our editorial product to the Web. When you subscribe, you will be given passwords that will let you in to our „Subscribers-only” section on this website, where THREE YEARS of back issues are waiting for you to download. There’s also our Super Links page that has over 300 links to other Paris-oriented Web sites, and our Hotel Links page with links to over 400 Paris hotels and hotel reservation services. All of these extras are FREE with your paid subscription.

Our newest free offering is Paris Notes Select, a series of special, Paris Notes-only guides. Our first guide, „Beds,” is a 71-page PDF guide with 80 hotel descriptions and recommendations. Now available is „Bites,”the only guide you’ll need to find the perfect restaurants for your next visit. Also, you’ll be able to download for free „Buildings,” a guide to 2000 years of architecture in Paris.